Aesthetic Considerations

Sometimes, the quality of a photo can be very subjective, and I think there is no right or wrong approach, as long as you and/or your photo subjects are enjoying the pictures that you produced. I consider photography as one of great ways to express ourselves with freedom.

However, I have found that “the magic of light and shadow” in a high quality and respectable photo seems to be a common theme and brought passionate discussion in most of photography books I’ve read.

Interesting Quote from Complete Digital Photography, Sixt Edition book, page 548, the last sentense really strikes my senses:

Traditionally, thr photographic vocabulary is built from light and shadow … Knowing when to let an area plunge into shadow or when to overexpose a highlight – these are all parts of your imaging vocabulary, and they are essential skills for creating images that lead the viewer’s eye through your composition.

One of the great pitfalls about HDR images is that everything in them can be perfectly exposed and easily visible. When you might think “Great, I want everything in my image to be easily visible,” the fact is that’s not always true.

When everything is equally visible, nothing stands out, and images can look dull and flat.

Salam Jepret! šŸ™‚


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