Focus on Lighting Photos (Part 4)

31. Subjects don’t just cast shadows on backgrounds. There are also shadows within the subject itself that reveal shape and texture. Small lights make hard shadows, and that emphasizes texture. The light needs to be much farther from the subject. By moving the light as far from the subject as possible, we get more even illumination of the flat surface.

32. Direct vs. Diffuse reflection. Black subjects, by definition, emit little diffuse reflection. So, if we want to emphasize their detail, we have to look to direct reflection. Direcr reflection comes only from one angle, and if we are not at the angle to see it, it is invisible.

33. Why more megapixels? By getting the pixels small enough so that eye can’t see the noise. This solution leads to increased file sizes, slower computing processing and waste of resources.

34. How to remove noise? More megapixels, increase exposure, or with software. The problem with increased exposure is that it destroys highlight detail. Light grays become white. Different light colors all become the same color.

35. Regardless of the size of the light, a background shadow is harder if the subject is closer to the background.

36. Portraiture : the approach that is right for one may not be right for another. It may be required for the subject to look angry, silly, meaner, pretty, or tough and nasty. Adapt our setup based on bone structure and skin tone.

37. Split Lighting involves lighting from the side of the subject only.

38. Low Key vs High Key lighting. Low key tends to have a classy feel to it, dramatic. High key tends to be more contemporary. If the subject is wearing dark clothing (preferably solid color), then opt for dark background and low key lighting.

39. The trick with Low/High key is to shoot a portrait so that the face is the part the viewer looks at first.

40. Stripes and patterns distract from the subject’s face.


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