Morning Sun at Grand Puri Laras (Multiple Exposure Shot)

It was Monday – 6.30 AM.

Grand Puri Laras

Grand Puri Laras – 11 August 2014 – 6.30 AM

Right after taking the boy to School, on my way back to home, I noticed how lovely the Clouds and Sun are. Once I got back, I immediately grabbed the Camera, CPL filter and Tripod. Take a short stroll away and got these shots.

Some of you may already know, it is impossible to get everything perfectly exposed in one shot, compared to the scene that our eyes can see.

When the sky is properly exposed (blue clouds, orange sun), the rest of the picture would become dark/under exposed. Vice versa, when the grass, cars, houses are correctly exposed (just as what they supposed to be), the sky would be blown up/white.

The solution is, of course, to capture multiple exposure shots, and then utilize Image Processing Software to combine and get the best of the shots.

Simply follow these steps :

In this scenario, I’ve set :
1. Setup exposure bracketing to 5 shots, 1EV increment (Exposure Value). Make sure that the most under-exposed setting would expose the Sun correctly (the brightest spot in the picture).
2. Set the camera to 2 seconds timer (to minimize shake/hand intervention)
3. Set picture output to RAW (to maximize quality and flexibility in post-processing)
4. Of course, set the camera on tripod to minimize shake
5. Twist the CPL filter to get the best angle especially for the Clouds
6. Take the shot. With 2 seconds timer, the camera will take 5 hosts right away in one-go
7. Modify the exposure bracketing setting to over-exposed
8. Take the 2nd shot.
9. Download the pictures and merge them using Post Processing Software.

My own critics to the Photo:
1. It looks a bit flat, no foreground object and does not seem to invoke Mood. According to Cliff Mautner, a (good) photo should have 3 criteria : Texture, Dimension, and Mood.
2. It has lens issue called Converging Verticals. Some of the vertical lines (Buildings, Poles, etc) seems to be converging towards to top of the Frame. It requires fix on Post Processing Software.
3. It has Purple fringe issue/chromatic aberration. Look at the top-right of the photo, you can see purple line around a roof and top of a tree. Usually happen on high contrast spots. It requires fix on Post Processing Software.

Well, anyway, this is the first time I produced multiple exposures picture, (hopefully) things will (have to) get better over time. Cheers!


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