Review Aziza Hotel Solo : Very Good Bargain, Fit for Purpose (3.5-star Hotel)

Aziza Hotel

Aziza Hotel – Lobby

This was our second visit to Solo (Surakarta) and the first time we stayed for more than one night. We wanted to find a comfortable place to clean ourselves, take some rest, have a decent breakfast and if possible, just a little bit of swimming time for the kids. We knew we would spend most of our time out, exploring places, so we did not want to choose the most expensive Hotel.

Aziza Hotel

Aziza Hotel – Twin Bed Room

Aziza seems like a perfect fit and it surely was. The building is new and strategically located near Galabo (cheap food stalls for quick and easy dinner), Klewer Market (traditional market to get cheap Batik) and other interesting places. Looks like the Hotel is targeting Moslem-based visitors, but if you are not moslem, I think you will still like this hotel without much issues.


Breakfast/Dining Room

We stayed two times in this Hotel in the space of one week, and got a bit of mixed experience. Both bookings were done from Expedia and flawless. Check-in (at 3 am) was a breeze. However, on the second visit, the Hotel staff claimed they have not received any information from Expedia for our booking, and not until we shared them the reservation email that we had, then they let us to stay. Check-out took less than 1 minute.

What we like from Aziza Hotel :

1. Hotel rate through online reservation is excellent, already includes Breakfast and free Wifi
2. Strategically located near several interesting places in town
3. The building is new, cleanliness is not an issue
4. The Staffs are warm, friendly and helpful
5. Breakfast starts at 6 am, which is early, just as we want – so that we can spend more time outside
6. The TV has live video feed connection to the Mushalla during prayers time


Breakfast/Dining Room

What we think could be improved further :


Small Ponds in front of Lift

1. The refrigerator, while it is on, is NOT cool at all. We had a hard time taking care of our own drinks and blue ice.
2. They do not have Cable TV Channels, so the kids could not watch their favorite cartoon shows.
3. Nobody would walk-around and offers you with Tea or Coffee. You have to take everything by yourself and sometimes it took a while for them to refill the empty tea pot.
4. Wifi signal did not reach our room at 501 – which is disappointing. We had to go outside of the room on the alley to get the signal.
5. Room 501 door was not sealed properly. When I was on the alley I could hear my kids talking very clearly even though the room Door was shut fully. No privacy is not a good thing.

Aziza Hotel



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