Review Pondok Asri Hotel : (Probably) the Best You Can Get at Tawangmangu

Pondok Asri Hotel

Pondok Asri Hotel

I do not think there is not much option for a high quality hotel at Tawangmangu, so our choices were limited to Pondok Asri and Bintang Hotel. We went there go-show without online reservation service. Actually we couldn’t find a way to book Pondok Asri by online service. We passed by Bintang Hotel and saw some constructions going on, so we decided not to stop and went ahead to Pondok Asri instead.

The Hotel is very much family-friendly. They have plenty of rooms, and they feel like home – close to the ground (maximum 2 floors). It offers plenty of open spaces, playgrounds and surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. The trampolin is a certainly a source of joy for the kids.

That being said, the hotel is not new, in particular the bath room looks old and outdated. It will take a while for the hot water to get heated and flow, and there was one time we had to ask the Staff to turn on the water heater.

Good points :

Bu Ugi Restaurant

Bu Ugi Restaurant Just Few Metres Away

We had to set our expectation lower, because it appears that this is the best one we can get here. Therefore overall, we would recommend it to anyone visiting Tawangmangu. The Hotel is strategically located. Few metres away from the famous “Bu Ugi restaurant”. One kilometre away from Tawangmangu Market. Quite close to the 2nd gate of Grojogan Sewu waterfall, not far from Candi Cetho, Candi Sukuh, Parang Ijo waterfall, and also Cemoro Sewu (of course you will still have to go to these places by Car).


The standard checkout time is 2 PM, but we asked for a little bit of extension for another hour due to some issue and they allowed it – which is quite nice.

We took twin room bed. It does not have AC (Tawangmangu has a cool temperature), does not have refrigerator (so you have to bring your drinks to Front Desk and ask them to store it in their fridge). Breakfast taste is so-so, they will bring it to you in the morning. For our room, we got 3 plates of fried rice. We can order other meals too which is inexpensive. We also found that the room was not clean enough, and they had not refill the soap and shampoo (thankfully we always bring them from home).

Pondok Asri Hotel

Pondok Asri Hotel ((Click the picture for larger photo)

The staffs consist of young people – while friendly they seem to be less experienced. It took several calls to ask them to come and provide us with hot drink water. We normally have to leave any Left-over breakfast plates and cups outside of the room, but in over a day, they did not pick them up. We had to pay with cash because the credit card line was having issue – this is not convenient.

Not-so-good experience :
The free wifi is only available at the lobby (1st floor) or hotspot room (2nd floor – right on top of lobby). You will have to go to these rooms to get the wifi signal and access. These two rooms are connected to each other, and I could smell the staff’s smoke – which is NOT nice considering that it is an Air Conditioner room.

Pondok Asri Hotel

Pondok Asri Hotel (Click the picture for larger photo)


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