Itinerary 2014 Java Trip – The Original vs Actual

Considering a number of tangible and intangible factors, this is what my original itinerary looked like :

Original Itinerary
Itinerary OriginalItinerary Original b

You might have noticed that there were a lot of activities being planned, however not all of the “To-Do” List is something that is mandatory. We could and have cancelled some of the activities due to real-life situation.

This was our Actual Itinerary, as we progressed along, took decision considering real-life situations and tried to be flexible :

Actual Itinerary
Itinerary Actual A

Itinerary Actual B

Guess what? If I have the chance to re-visit these Places again, this is the Itinerary that I would recommend :

Best Itinerary (not yet available)


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