Quick and Easy Tips on Telephone Communication

Customer Support

The main idea to have a great telephone communication is to Give the right impression right from the first few seconds when you answer a call. Here are some suggestions on how we can achieve that goal :

  1. Answers call promptly, ideally on the second or third tone/ring.
  2. Quickly introduce yourself “Hello, this is A from X company”
  3. Greet the person
  4. Smile when you are having a phone call. Yes, smile will cause your voice to be a little bit more energetic and warmer
  5. Use a “telephone voice” – clearly and slowly, neutral tome, measured pace
  6. Ask how you can help – makes Customer or Colleague feels they are important to you. This gesture will also send “a message” that the Caller’s concerns are your priority
  7. Politely ask the Caller’s name, record it and then Use the name in the conversation. It will show that you are taking an interest in the Caller.
  8. Practice Listening Skills – listen to what the Caller is saying attentively, write down key points, verify your understanding by paraphrasing the Caller’s statement with your own words.
  9. Be enthusiastic and show respect to the Caller. Practice it over and over again until it becomes a habit/attitude.

I hope the tips help you on your daily business activities. Practice makes it perfect! 🙂



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