Big Lesson from Sherif Callie

March 3, 2016 – My daughter loves Sheriff Callie’s Wild West cartoon movie, and she will watch it every day before going to school. This morning episode told a story how Stinky farmer (*yes that is his name*) is under-threat by scary Bugs that will eat his Berry fruits to oblivion.

Sheriff Callie asked a bunch of people to help so that they can quickly harvest the berry before the bugs attack, however they could NOT agree on what is the best harvesting method.

Each “powerful” person maintains their position and strongly argue that their “way” is the best, regardless of the imminent bugs attack. They ended up debating without making much progress.
The problem is resolved when Sheriff made an passionate plea that “it is acceptable that there are more than one way to harvest Berry, what’s more important and as a priority is to harvest as soon as possible”

So – Sheriff Callie is my type of Powerful Leader! 🙂

A good Leader, does not only has the ability to speak up and defend his arguments, becoming dominant and influential, but also able to “See the Big Picture”, to understand Priorities, and to work through conflict (which sometimes unavoidable) in achieving the common goals.

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