Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Why does an elevator (lift) usually have mirrors in it?

One of the logical reason is to give the impression that the elevator room is bigger than it is. Mirror would expand our perception of the room dimension.

The other reason which people might not notice right away is that, mirror can serve as a good distraction.

Elevators transport people, in office buildings to carry professionals, or in malls to carry Shoppers, who have destination in mind, and they want to reach their destination as fast as possible. They probably dislike waiting for the elevator too long, might feel the elevator is too slow, or uncomfortable.

Mirror becomes a solution for that “negative perception” problem. People have the tendency to get attracted to the mirror, they want to look good, they would smile, and some will use it to check their hair, or fixing their outfit, etc. They will get distracted and when they see the mirror they might no longer remember those negative thoughts they had earlier.

We can use the same solution at our office workplace. Put a mirror that people can see when they come to your room and when they see themselves in the mirror they will have the tendency to become nice.

#problemsolving #creativity


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