A Short Note on Baby Reina :)

  • She was born on February 4th, and I noticed that for the first 3 weeks she slept a lot, did not open her eyes completely. She also did not seem to be visually aware of the surroundings.
  • On the fourth week, her eyes are wide open, and she begins to visually notice us. She still could not immediately follow our movement from side to side.
  • On the fourth week, baby Reina has a new hobby – crying and looking restless in the night, not really interested in taking Mom’s milk. She will calm down if she’s being carried around.

Seven thoughts about the movie Avengers: Age of Utron (May 2015)

Avengers Age of Utron1. Full action-packed movie, end-to-end. Eyes glued to the screen most, if not all the time. Good!

2. UTRON – looking “very” smart, muscular, philosophical, have “really” bright ideas on how to destroy humanity. Promising!

3. Utron SUCKS big time when doing Combat with our Heroes. Poor fighting, bad aim, does not seem to understand the concept of teamwork (if you knew you/your robot couldn’t win 1-on-1 then do what? Find a solution!). Utter embarrassment!

4. Tony Stark a.k.a IRONMAN is always right. Even if he is wrong – there is and there will be a reason to make it right. Egoist!

5. Anyone who believes that a normal human – Natasha Romanoff / who is a highly skilled assassin – is capable of winning a fight versus Iron Man’s robot, using handgun is delusional. She will have to rely on his (super power) teammates – all the time. Does not make much sense!

6. Tendency to woo global audience or specifically Asia is interesting to note. They choose Korea as opposed to China, Hong Kong or Japan which are probably too mainstream these days. It’s all about Business!

7. The fact that HULK is running away from Natasha due to fear of not able to protect her from himself is unreal. Such dramatic melancholic romantic way of thinking only lives in Novel (I think). Most men will choose to live with a woman who loves him – embrace the happiness when it can exist – every single time. Every hero has this kind of internal struggle (concerns to protect their love interest). Learn how to handle it, find a way to mitigate risk. Immature!

Morning Sun at Grand Puri Laras (Multiple Exposure Shot)

It was Monday – 6.30 AM.

Grand Puri Laras

Grand Puri Laras – 11 August 2014 – 6.30 AM

Right after taking the boy to School, on my way back to home, I noticed how lovely the Clouds and Sun are. Once I got back, I immediately grabbed the Camera, CPL filter and Tripod. Take a short stroll away and got these shots.

Some of you may already know, it is impossible to get everything perfectly exposed in one shot, compared to the scene that our eyes can see.

When the sky is properly exposed (blue clouds, orange sun), the rest of the picture would become dark/under exposed. Vice versa, when the grass, cars, houses are correctly exposed (just as what they supposed to be), the sky would be blown up/white.

The solution is, of course, to capture multiple exposure shots, and then utilize Image Processing Software to combine and get the best of the shots.

Simply follow these steps : http://www.photoplusmag.com/2013/07/25/canon-dslr-tips-exposure-bracketing/

In this scenario, I’ve set :
1. Setup exposure bracketing to 5 shots, 1EV increment (Exposure Value). Make sure that the most under-exposed setting would expose the Sun correctly (the brightest spot in the picture).
2. Set the camera to 2 seconds timer (to minimize shake/hand intervention)
3. Set picture output to RAW (to maximize quality and flexibility in post-processing)
4. Of course, set the camera on tripod to minimize shake
5. Twist the CPL filter to get the best angle especially for the Clouds
6. Take the shot. With 2 seconds timer, the camera will take 5 hosts right away in one-go
7. Modify the exposure bracketing setting to over-exposed
8. Take the 2nd shot.
9. Download the pictures and merge them using Post Processing Software.

My own critics to the Photo:
1. It looks a bit flat, no foreground object and does not seem to invoke Mood. According to Cliff Mautner, a (good) photo should have 3 criteria : Texture, Dimension, and Mood.
2. It has lens issue called Converging Verticals. Some of the vertical lines (Buildings, Poles, etc) seems to be converging towards to top of the Frame. It requires fix on Post Processing Software.
3. It has Purple fringe issue/chromatic aberration. Look at the top-right of the photo, you can see purple line around a roof and top of a tree. Usually happen on high contrast spots. It requires fix on Post Processing Software.

Well, anyway, this is the first time I produced multiple exposures picture, (hopefully) things will (have to) get better over time. Cheers!

Oh well, Girlz ….!

Senam Iya Iya LahAlkisah di suatu hari Imara dan Papa nya (seperti biasa) bertengkar for whatever reason. Beginilah percakapan dengan Neng Ima kalau lagi ngambek di rumah 🙂

(I = Ima, P = Papa)

I : Ima ngga mau lagi sama Papa! #nangis-sesengukan
I : Papa kalau nakal, Ima panggilin Polisi aja! Biar ditangkap! #makin-galak-tapi-gemesin
I : Papa jahaaaatt !!

P : …… (laksanakan 3 jurus pamungkas :
Step 1 – Dekap Ima;
Step 2 – Gendong Ima;
Step 3 – Bopong Ima ke tempat tidur)

sesampainya di tempat tidur

I : Pah, Ima ngantuk, mo bobo …. #minta-dipeluk
P : …… (yea I know 🙂