How to save specific pages of a word document?

Let’s say you have 80 pages of a thesis document which consist of 4 Chapters, and you want to save each Chapter to a separate file.
There are multiple ways to achieve this, one of the easiest and reliable way is by using the PDF feature. Here’s how:

  1. Open the document in Microsoft Word (2013)
  2. Fill the ¬†Filename accordingly (for example “Chapter 1”)
  3. Click : File > Save As > Save as type and choose “PDF”
  4. Click : Options in the Save As window
  5. Type in the Page(s) you want, for example to save the Chapter 1 from Page 1 to Page 10
  6. Click OK and Save. You’re done for Chapter 1 file. Repeat the same procedure for the other chapters.

The end result would be PDF files not word document. Hope this helps!