Should I Enroll to a Business Post-Grad class?

Hello, Bonjour, Namaste, Ciao, Halo,
I just passed my thesis defense in September, 2017 and if all goes as expected, I will be graduating from School of Business and Management, ITB Jakarta later this year.

If the question “Should I Take a Business Post-Grad class?” has popped out on your mind, and you are having a doubt, here’s a tip: Do Not Hesitate and Go For IT!

Here’s why:
Essentially we as a human will learn about many things across our entire life. Taking Business classes will introduce you to many wonderful topics and accelerate your learning. It may even force you to go beyond and conquer your comfort zone. You will be smarter; your knowledge will expand; your skill will improve; you will become a better person; your chance to succeed in your future endeavors will be greater.

It will require a process and hard work – of course. It’s natural. Most of the things that are good in life do not come easy. But taking business classes is going to be a great journey, a process that you can enjoy. Not just enjoyable for the study, but it’s going to be an exciting process because in the business class you will also meet other people – students, lecturers – from various professional and academic backgrounds that are different from yours. Such opportunity is not to be missed because you can and should learn from them, tap into their experience, perspectives, and skill set, just as they will learn from you as well. Your social and professional networking will grow, and sometimes you might find collaborative ideas with other students that could shape your future.

Now, there are quite a number of business schools out there. ITB, UGM, UI, Binus, IPMI and others. All claims to have the best quality. Please choose your options wisely. Go ahead and talk to the people that have already taken the classes. For me, the quality of the School would be defined by 4 factors: the Lecturers, the Students, the Supporting Facilities and the Environment. Let me elaborate these factors in more details.

  1. The Lecturers: They consist of the academic lecturers (Professors, PhDs, Doctors) and also guest lecturers! (CEOs, Board of Directors, Commissioners, ex-Ministers and other highly experienced professionals). A good School would be supported by these great people that will enrich our academic/theoretical and professional/real-world knowledge. Furthermore, the teaching method/learning process is also important here. SBM ITB has been using “business case” approach for sometime now, similar to the approach of Harvard Business School.
  2. The Students: A good School would be able to attract high-quality students that are not just good academically, but also have obtained a certain level of position in their career. Some of my friends at SBM ITB are business owners and Senior Management-level.
  3. The Supporting Facilities: This will include a good location, a well-equipped campus with high-speed internet, good audio-video classroom, meeting rooms, Library and others.
  4. The Environment: a good School would also be supported by an excellent network of Alumni, the University institution, and active, vibrant communities. Furthermore, the “campus vibe” is just as important and cannot be underestimated.

Now, if you are wondering whether you should enroll to business school right after graduating from Strata-1, I wouldn’t go against it, but I think it will be very beneficial if you first spend several years to focus in professional career. The personal and professional experience that you will get from your career will enable you to have a better perspective on how business works, what are the business functions, what are the challenges that business is facing, and how business comes up with solutions. You will then be able to leverage on those knowledge when you are studying in the business school with a stronger analytical ability!